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Is Your Parent’s Home Ready for Them to Age in Place?

Caregiver in Wilmington DE: Senior Aging In Place

Wanting to age in place is something that is very important for most aging adults.
The ability to remain in their own space rather than transitioning into a care facility allows them to stay comfortable, and maintain more of their independence and autonomy throughout their later years. This boosts mental and emotional health and encourages a more active and engaged lifestyle.

In order for your parent to be able to do this effectively, however, it is very important for you to determine if your senior’s home has the features needed to allow them to age in place safely and comfortably. Evaluating their space against their needs and challenges now, and those they may develop in the future enables you to make changes that could create a safer, more accessible, and more enjoyable environment.


Some considerations to keep in mind when determining if your parent’s home is ready for them to age in place include:

  • Does the home feature steps, and if so, can your parent utilize them safely and comfortably? Should you consider adding a chairlift to make getting up and down easier and safer?
  • Are there areas of the home your parent cannot access or has not been using due to their challenges and limitations? Are there ways to change this and allow your parent to use them?
  • Should you consider moving your parent’s bedroom downstairs so they do not need to climb the stairs to go to bed?
  • Is there sufficient home security in place to keep your parent safe when they are alone?
  • If your parent has wandering tendencies, or you are concerned they might develop them, does the home have sufficient locking mechanisms to prevent your parent from getting out of the house and being in danger?
  • Is there enough light throughout the home for your parent to see easily, stay safe, and complete daily tasks?
  • Should you consider replacing toilets with elevated versions?
  • Should you consider replacing tubs with walk-in versions, or showers?
  • Does the home have enough smoke detectors, and are they adapted to manage needs such as hearing loss if necessary?
  • Are exits easily accessible and usable in the event of a fire?
  • Are outdoor spaces accessible and safe for your parent?


Keeping your aging loved one safe as a top priority for you as a family caregiver.
You want your aging parent to be able to enjoy an active and engaged lifestyle while also avoiding injury, illness, and other potentially serious situations.

Introducing elder care into your care routine with your senior can help you would pursue this care goal for them. An elderly home care services provider can offer a wide range of services tailored to your parent as an individual. These customized services allow your parent to manage their health and well-being needs, challenges, and limitations in the most appropriate and effective ways, while also supporting independence, autonomy, and fulfillment.

When it comes to keeping them safe, this elder care provider can ensure their home is secure, provide supervision and companionship, manage wandering tendencies, offer physical support for mobility issues, and more.

If you or an aging loved one is thinking about hiring a Caregiver in Wilmington, DE, please contact the caring staff at Macklyn Home Care. Call today! 302-691-3217.

Krista Gaul, Executive Director

Executive Director at Macklyn Home Care
Krista is the Executive Director at Macklyn Home Care. At Macklyn Home Care, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to individuals who wish to remain independent in their own home; and community for as long as possible.

You can trust us to deliver an uncompromising level of personal care with gentleness and compassion. We’re there when you need us! Whether it’s for just ONE HOUR a day or 24/7. Just give us a call and we will be there.

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