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Managing Pain as a Caregiver Helps Reduce Some Stress

Elderly Care Newark DE

Elderly Care Newark DE

Elderly Care Newark DEHow much stress do you feel in life? If you are pursuing a career and it’s a high-powered job, you might already experience a great level of stress and anxiety. When you are taking care of an elderly loved one, you are a family caregiver, and the stress you feel in life may become even greater.

Do you have time to take care of yourself?

Many family caregivers believe they have no time to do anything for themselves. They give up spending time with friends, exercise at the gym, they may barely spend a few minutes with their spouse, and have very little time for anything else.

For these men and women, they might not even have time to pay attention to pain they might be experiencing.

What kind of pain could you feel?

Pain in this sense is not just the physical kind of pain that causes you to wince, limp, or grimace, but it can also be emotional pain. It can be an illness. If you are sick and don’t take care of yourself, it increases the risk of certain other health issues, including developing pneumonia.

If you are in pain, such as with arthritis or some other condition, and you ignore it, you could be putting yourself at increased risk of other injuries. For example, you may have ankle or knee pain because you twisted yourself running downstairs one day. You’re rushing so much that you didn’t pay attention, missed a step, and even though you didn’t fall, you hurt yourself.

Now, since you don’t feel you have time to take care of the situation and alleviate the pain, is it going to heal?

Maybe, but then again maybe not. Even if your knee or ankle heals to some degree, you might be favoring your other leg, increasing the risk of hip, knee, or ankle pain in that leg or even back problems.

How can you manage pain as a busy family caregiver?

You need help. When you are in pain, it’s absolutely crucial that you acknowledge the situation, slow down, and consider help. If you don’t have other family members or friends in the area able or willing to help, there’s elderly home care service to consider.

You can hire an elderly home care aide for short-term, long-term, for a couple of hours a day to start, or for full-time, around-the-clock care, if needed. This can help you manage pain and feel better for your future.

If you or an aging loved one are thinking about hiring help for Elderly Care Services in Newark DE, please contact the caring staff at Macklyn Home Care. Call today! 302-691-3217.

Krista Gaul, Executive Director

Executive Director at Macklyn Home Care
Krista is the Executive Director at Macklyn Home Care. At Macklyn Home Care, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to individuals who wish to remain independent in their own home; and community for as long as possible.

You can trust us to deliver an uncompromising level of personal care with gentleness and compassion. We’re there when you need us! Whether it’s for just ONE HOUR a day or 24/7. Just give us a call and we will be there.
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