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Pneumonia Care at Home Can Be Complicated by Many Factors

Homecare Wilmington DE

Homecare Wilmington DE

Homecare Wilmington DERecovering from pneumonia can take days, weeks, or months, depending on a variety of factors. For the elderly, pneumonia is a life-threatening condition that should never be taken lightly. In fact, getting proper homecare following a bout with pneumonia that resulted in a hospitalization is absolutely critical to the recovery process.

No one wants to return to the hospital.

If you were to ask just about anyone on the street if they prefer to spend time in the hospital or at home, nearly every single one of them will honestly say they prefer never to be on the inside of the hospital, especially as a patient, ever again.

There are other factors that can complicate the recovery process. Let’s look at a few that may impact pneumonia homecare, especially for the elderly.

Getting proper rest.

When a person is discharged from the hospital following a bout with pneumonia, they need to rest. Unfortunately, they probably feel pretty good at that moment in time. In fact, they may feel as though the virus or bacteria has completely left their system altogether.

That’s not the case, though. They still need to rest. If they get active, start cooking meals, cleaning the house, running errands all over the place, and so much more, they give the virus or bacteria a second chance to reestablish itself. At that point, it can become life-threatening even faster.

Not having proper support.

When a person has been discharged from the hospital following pneumonia, they should have a strong support system to help them with basic tasks every day. This could be a spouse, adult child who lives in the area, or even a group of friends.

However, nothing beats relying on a home care aide, especially somebody who has prior experience doing this type of work, to help with the recovery process.

Assuming you’re in the clear.

If a senior assumes he or she is all better, they may be less inclined to actually listen to a doctor’s advice. They might not rest, stay properly hydrated, or they may even be tempted to suppress the cough because it seems obnoxious. In truth, that cough is being productive and should never be suppressed unless the doctor prescribes something for it.

With proper pneumonia homecare, seniors reduce the risk of returning to the hospital.

If you or an aging loved one are thinking about hiring help for Homecare Services in Wilmington DE, please contact the caring staff at Macklyn Home Care. Call today! 302-691-3217.

Krista Gaul, Executive Director

Executive Director at Macklyn Home Care
Krista is the Executive Director at Macklyn Home Care. At Macklyn Home Care, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to individuals who wish to remain independent in their own home; and community for as long as possible.

You can trust us to deliver an uncompromising level of personal care with gentleness and compassion. We’re there when you need us! Whether it’s for just ONE HOUR a day or 24/7. Just give us a call and we will be there.
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